1. Chris Brown & Tyga ft. 50 Cent - I Bet

2. Gemini - Real

3. Devyn Rose - Cops X The Jury

4. Wiz Khalifa ft. Iggy Azalea - Go Hard Or Go Home

5. Sean Riddle - Forever My Darling

6. Big Sean ft. Ariana Grande - Research

7. Nattyva - Dancefloor

8. Kai Rebel ft. Preston - Hey You!

9. dyLan ft. Willow Smith - Sad Face

10. Barbara Kiss - This Time


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While cheater husband Jesse James is in Arizona for ‘rehab’, Sandra Bullocks rolls up to the home they shared in Seal Beach California. Moving trucks and paparazzi were on the scene as big pieces of
furniture and boxes came out and drove off in a truck.

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